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What's Happening in West Town Chicago [Week of 5/22/23]

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Good afternoon, West Town! I know it's only Monday, but I'm looking forward to Bagel Fridays at The Center of Order and Experimentation starting this week on their gorgeous new patio (pictured above). Catch me there with my laptop and an everything bagel on any given Friday this summer, and hopefully see you there?


On that note, isn't outdoor dining great? Last week on Instagram, we posted about a petition the Small Business Advocacy Council is circulating to help save outdoor dining in Chicago and urging policymakers to provide clarity on the continuation of once-temporary permittig. Learn more and please consider signing the petition here.


In addition to this week's roundup of fabulous events, there are a few exhibitions currently on view at various West Town galleries that you should definitely check out. "Classic.Relevant" is now open at the Ukrainian National Museum, featuring stunning works of art by top-ranked Ukrainian artists, never before seen in the United States or Canada. Chicago Truborn is showcasing new works by Ras Terms, a.k.a. James Monk, a highly regarded "letter master" and spiritual artist back in Chicago for the first time after nearly a decade for "Electro Funk." And, through June 17th, you can still check out Marshall Brown's "Remastériser" at Western Exhibitions. For his fourth solo show at Western Exhibitions, Brown presents collages from three new and ongoing bodies of work, utilizing the power of collage as a medium that changes the terms of authorship and challenges outdated definitions of originality.


Check in with each of these galleries for additional information and tag us @westtownchicago on Instagram if you post any of your favorite works from these shows!



Kaylen Ralph

Director of Communications and Marketing, West Town Chamber of Commerce

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