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Round 4, Cycle 1: Mid-January through Mid-April
1821 W Chicago Ave.
1716 W Grand Ave.
1901 W Chicago Ave.
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The Goody Vault

The Goody Vault is a vintage clothing store that specializes in timeless garments for everyone. Our store was created with a goal to connect people with the highest quality and most unique vintage items. In our collection you can find a wide range of workwear, sportswear, militaria, and custom reworked clothing. Items in our catalog date back to the circa 1920s - 1990s. If you love clothes, we have something for you!


The Brie Show Studio

The Brie Show Studio Pop-Up is a new take on a gallery. The space will be warm, inviting, accessible and feature paintings as well as art beyond the canvas, including painted vintage clothes, furniture and more. While my business is only two years old, my passion and dedication to my art has been a lifetime. I am so excited to see how this space will not only push the versatility of my craft but the exposure to connect with fellow community members.


Wander From The Known

Wander From the Known is a clothing and accessories boutique that embraces vibrant self-expression and celebrates the bold and adventurous spirit in everyone! Through textures, bright color palettes, and adorable silhouettes, we help you embrace the thrill of stepping beyond the ordinary, and exploring your unique style that knows no bounds. Visit us today and sprinkle some fun into your fashion adventure!

Current Tenants

Previous Tenants

Since 2021 we've had the pleasure of working with 14 small businesses! 

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