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Welcome to
West Town

The West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization with hundreds of small business members. The Chamber’s mission is to ensure West Town continues to be a destination for shopping, dining, professional services, nightlife, and culture, fortified by West Town’s business community.

Something new is coming...

We are proud to unveil a branding refresh that gives due homage to the creativity, inclusivity and playfulness of the West Town Chicago community, which is emboldened by its independent businesses. As the city’s epicenter of creative energy and the emergent art and design district, we furthermore wanted to honor the organic aesthetic of the neighborhood, and the beautiful color story that is Chicago Avenue from dawn to dusk. West Town’s architecture is timeless, cherished and funky, and so are we.


Implementing a full scale rebrand in a neighborhood of our size will take time, but we are thrilled to share this new aesthetic, which you’ll see rolling out across our websites and social platforms….now!


- The Team at the WTCC, March 2023

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