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West Town Master Plan

The West Town Five-Year Master Plan seeks to further the Chamber's on-going objectives to foster community and economic development by empowering businesses with information, networking opportunities, marketing, and other programs.

West Town is a fast-growing, vibrant community with a wealth of cultural institutions, diverse neighborhoods, and prosperous local businesses. However, rapid development brings its own unique challenges. The West Town Master Plan plan seeks to encourage continued community growth while preserving the people, places, and institutions that make West Town one of Chicago's great destinations. 

The Master Plan seeks to establish a vision of the future by providing a road-map for the community to be implemented between 2017 and 2021. The plan is structured with Five Big Ideas each with a set of goals and specific actions. Implementation of the Five Big Ideas is divided into specific actions in which YOU as residents, business owners, property owners and community members can participate, potential programs that WE the Chamber can put into place, and suggested actions that THEY the local Aldermen and city departments can advocate for in order to help make the plan a reality. 

During the creation of the We Are West Town: A 5-Year Master Plan, community meetings allowed for transparency and discussion among stakeholders. Commentary, guidance, and suggestions were received and noted to create and explore possible goals for the plan. The implementation process seeks to take those concerns, objectives, and goals generated by the community stakeholders, and execute a viable and cohesive action plan for the future. Creating community partnerships with other like-minded groups, researching, data collection, and testing concepts are all part of the implementation process established to better serve West Town and its stakeholders.

The 5 Big Ideas

Big Idea 1.png
Let's Make Chicago Avenue more Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly 
Big Idea 2.png
Let's Make West Town a Leader in Sustainability
Big Idea 3.png
Let's Celebrate our Character and Diversity
Big Idea 4.png
Let's Cultivate our Local Businesses
Big Idea 5.png
Let's Make West Town a Hub for Art and Creative Economy
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