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Chicago Brewing District's VIRTUAL Dancing in the Streets

August 5-12, 2020


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Facebook: @DancingInTheStreetsChi


Dancing In The Streets is the brainchild of On Tour Brewing Company founder, and major jam band fan, Mark Legenza.  The West Town Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) works with On Tour Brewing and the Chicago Brewing District to produce this one of a kind craft beer and live music event on Hubbard Street in West Town Chicago!


The 2020 event will go VIRTUAL and feature live streamed music on Friday, August 7th from 7-10pm,

plus local brewer, retail, and restaurant specials August 5-12.

Dancing  In The Streets is the name of the event, and also a popular Grateful Dead song. Local blue grass and jam bands booked by On Tour Brewing will be featured in the live stream. The event dates were chosen specifically to coincide with the “Days Between” which is the name of the week between August 1st, Jerry Garcia’s birthday, and August 9th, the date that Garcia passed away.  That week is known as the “Days Between” in celebration and in memory of Jerry Garcia.  



The Beer


Beginning Monday, August 3, attendees (21+) can gear up for the Dancing in the Streets Live Stream with a special, limited-time only “Dancing in the Streets Mix Pack" of beers by visiting www.ontourbrewing.com for delivery or curbside pick-up. 


The Chicago Brewing District mix pack will feature brews from On Tour Brewing Company, Goose Island, Great Central Brewing Company, Forbidden Root and Finch, as well as special swag from Midwest Brewing Company. All proceeds from the mix pack purchases will benefit the West Town Chamber of Commerce.

The brewers in the Chicago Brewing District will also offer special deals and promotions August 5-12.


Live Music

Virtual Stage Live Stream Presented by

Friday, August 7th:

              7:00 p.m.          Mark & Dave Play Dead

              7:45 p.m.          Rock & Rye

              9:00 p.m.          Paradise Waits


Chicago Brewing District

The Chicago brewers located in the southern edge of West Town Chicago and in the manufacturing district just south of West Town called the Kinzie Industrial Corridor are all fiercely proud to call the West side of Chicago their home, and they are passionate about brewing beer and  making people happy. Their commonalities brought them together to form the all new Chicago Brewing District and their enthusiasm for their craft and neighborhood inspired them to put a name on it. 


The  Chicago Brewing District brewers are excited to make an impact on Chicago. Historically an industrial part of the city, the brewers and their tasting rooms are located in a planned manufacturing district just south of West Town referred to as the Kinzie Industrial Corridor. The Chicago Brewing District gives the brewers a chance to introduce people to an area that has been overlooked as a place to relax and unwind with a beer in hand.


Dancing  in the Streets takes place outside of On Tour Brewing Company and in walking distance of the other brewers in the group. They'd love to see even more breweries come into the industrial corridor and join the Chicago Brewing District in the future, and they are excited to welcome new patrons to the area for Dancing in the Streets.


The brewers proximity to one another helps them maintain great relationships. They support each other as business owners and they all want to see each other succeed. They visit each other's tasting rooms, help each other out when they need it, and collaborate as a group as often as they can. Dancing in the Streets is a collaborative effort lead by On Tour Brewing and the West Town Chamber of Commerce. The brewers hope to hold more events in the future to showcase The Chicago Brewing  District.



Please support the Chicago Brewing District brewers and the West Town small businesses and take advantage of the #DITSAtHome virtual vendor promotions from August 5-12, 2020.

Instagram: @DancingInTheStreetsChi

Twitter: @DITSChicago

Facebook: @DancingInTheStreetsChi


Please contact the West Town Chamber of Commerce at 312-850-9390 or email ksalgado@westtownchamber.org. Sponsorship of Dancing In The Streets offers your brand direct, live exposure to large diverse crowds in a relaxed, friendly, and unique urban environment. The consumer can not only see the sponsor onsite, but can also engage with the brand and have a hands on live experience that develops a valuable and memorable relationship with the sponsor. 


Sponsors & Partners


Contact Us

This event is produced by West Town Chamber of Commerce. Reach us at: 


1819 W. Chicago Ave.

Chicago, IL 60622



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