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Dynamic Salon Studios

Clothing, Accessory & Beauty

1754 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622, USA

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Art will be displayed in the windows.

Open to the public, walk-ins allowed.

Dynamic Salon Studios

Featured Artist

Janice Aponte
Dynamic Salon Studios

Janice Aponte | AponteArt | Paintings September 26
I paint in a mix of expressionism and realism which translates into my own unique style, celebrating femininity,love and my cultural roots from the island of Puerto Rico. Painting is my way of releasing energy, recharging and heightening my spirituality. I use oils, acrylics, and mixed media on canvas to create pieces that speak to the soul.

As a child growing up in New York City, I loved creating art and instinctively drew and sketched at the age of 8. As a woman my transition into oil panting has allowed me to express myself on a more spiritual level. During my creative process I am releasing energy, recharging and heightening my spirituality. Art helps me discover and develop my inner strengths while allowing the viewer into my world.

I live in Chicago and work from studio#30 at Workshop4200 in the heart of Hermosa. I paint pieces inspired by my travels and experiences that touch my life. I use a variety of tools to create texture in my paintings, including pallet knives, brushes, sponges, combs and my bare hands. I work in layers, to add more depth and substance to my pieces. Oil paint is my medium of preference but I also love pastel, acrylic and mixed media. My work is a mix of expressionism and realism that evokes femininity, love, and my cultural roots.

Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, I started a non-profit organization, 'Arte al Rescate' alongside my friend Erica Sanchez. I felt compelled to do something in the relief efforts for Puerto Rico. After raising thousands of dollars with artwork from artists from across the world, I continue my crusade, making a difference every day in my community and abroad!

Sarah Sosa | Somos Arte | Paintings | October 3

The goal of my work is to portray a different perspective and explore thoughts and emotion through color, texture and living in the process. I want to inspire, encourage and bring hope through pieces that open opportunity for conversation. I feel that art can heal very deeply, and I aim to explore and give myself to that journey.

Event Information
Dynamic Salon Studios

Saturday Sept 26th & Saturday Oct 3

Dynamic Salon Studios will be offering deals all weekend as we launch our Fall Season Collections and Service List.

Dynamic Salon Art Walk Featured Service:

NAIL STAMPING! We offer a large selection of Pattern Plates and Polish Colors!
Fantasy Color "Hair Extension" Highlights
Array of Vivid Color Strands Available!

Dynamic Salon POP UP Artists
Janice Aponte | AponteArt | Paintings September 26

M.GO Fashion Designs | Handmade Masks

Sarah Sosa | Somos Arte | Paintings | October 3

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Dynamic Salon Studios


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