West Town Art Walk




West Town Art Walk

Friday, September 24th 5pm-8pm

& Saturday, September 25th 12pm-8pm

#WestTownArtWalk @WestTownChicago

Established in 2011, the West Town Art Walk is organized by the West Town Chamber of Commerce and a committee of West Town business owners to celebrate the diverse community of businesses in West Town while highlighting Chicago artists. The mission is to showcase West Town as a rich cultural hub that has much to offer residents, visitors, and business owners alike. Over the years West Town has become known as a thriving arts district with many galleries and home and garden design retailers.

Art Through Every Door.

Local businesses host artists and offer specials, West Town galleries and home and garden retailers participate, and the event features self guided West Town public art walking tours. The West Town Art Walk celebrates art in all forms.

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Attending West Town Art Walk

West Town’s diverse businesses participate in the Art Walk and showcase all that the West Town neighborhood has to offer. 

Date & Time

Friday, September 24th from 5pm - 8pm and Saturday, September 25th from 12pm - 8pm

Participating Businesses/Locations
The West Town Art Walk will take place throughout West Town: Division to Hubbard, Halsted to Kedzie.


Attendees can start their Art Walk journey at any of the participating businesses or at one of the two event Headquarters. Stop by any of the participating businesses for an Art Walk map or button. There is no cost to attend the Art Walk.


Scroll down for a full listing of participating businesses and their special events and promotions.


West Town Chamber of Commerce (1819 W Chicago Ave) and 1821 West Hubbard Lofts (1821 W Hubbard St).

Live Art Making (Curated by Chicago Truborn)

Chicago Auto Repair (1710 W Chicago), mural by Alecks Cruz, 12pm 9/25/21

Chicago & Lessing Viaduct (900 W Chicago), mural by Nic Fonte, 3pm 9/25/21


There will be FREE Pedicabs to assist patrons to tour the area. Flag down one of the two circulating pedicabs with West Town Art Walk signage, tell them you are attending, and they can take you to any of the participating Art Walk businesses during event hours.

The red West Town Art Walk buttons are a decorative gift for attendees and do not offer any discounts or perks.


2021 West Town Art Walk Participants, Events & Local Specials are listed below! The participation lineup is subject to change, so keep checking the website for the latest information.

🦴 = Dog Friendly Space

Aaron Gang - 110610699_Cordez_Family221Edit_Screen.jpg

Aaron Gang Photography 🦴

Address: 1016 N Ashland Ave​


Featured Artist: Aaron Gang, Photography

Artwork Description: Portraits

Special Art Walk Promotion: $50 headshots or family portraits with one high res photo included.



Arc Acad - 110610699_np54.jpg

Arc Academy

Address: 2223 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Nancy Pirri, Metalwork

Artwork Description: If one could see the depth and complexity of a woman plainly on her surface, would we see beauty?  Would we see their scars, if we look closely enough?  I let each woman tell her story through my hands.
My work is about women’s struggle to find emotional balance, which I depict using texture, expression, attitude and gesture. While every woman has strength, compassion, and an incalculable ability to endure, we also have complex roles of mother, lover, sister, friend, or wife, where our arguably weaker sex is continually called upon to put others before ourselves.


ARC GALLERY - 110645495_HappyBulldog1.jpg

ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation

Address: 1463 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: ARC Gallery Members, Multidisciplinary 


Artwork DescriptionPlease join the collective membership of ARC for its annual Members’ Exhibition! View artwork from its talented and diverse membership.

Special Event: Closing Reception on Friday, September 24, from 5-8pm.


Arts of Life - 110610699_DanceDance20201of100.jpg

Arts of Life 🦴

Address: 2010 W Carroll Ave

Featured Artist: Group Exhibition, Paintings

Artwork Description: Group Exhibition guest curated by Ricardo Partida

Special Event: Art Walk After Party on Friday, Sept. 24th from 8-9pm 


Big Shoulders - 110610699_IMG20210502WA0012.jpg

Big Shoulders Yoga 🦴

Address: 1645 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Margret Pun, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: Margaret is a local West Town artist. She explores a variety of styles in mixed media to create vibrant, colorful abstracts.


Candice C Cusic - 110610699_CusicPhoto0043copy.JPG

Candice C. Cusic Photography 🦴

Address: 1821 W Hubbard St (1821 Hubbard St Lofts)

Featured Artist: Candice C. Cusic, Photography

Artwork Description: Pet & Family Photography

Special Event: Art Walk After Party on Friday, Sept. 24th from 8-9pm 


Catherine Edelman - 110610699_ErikBologneMuseoPoggi.jpg

Catherine Edelman Gallery

Address: 1637 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Lea Lund & Erik K, Photography

Artwork Description: Lea Lund & Erik K’s photographic collaboration is a story about love, a photographer finding her muse and a subject claiming his identity. Lea, born and raised in Switzerland, and Erik, born and raised in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), met ten years ago on a street in Zürich and have been together since. Their photographs explore their relationship, the history of Zaire, and the effects of colonization on Erik and his identity. Together, Lea and Erik call attention to the role of ownership, as seen through the poses and eyes of an elegant, black man.


CPL - 110645496_AdultColoringSheetNotebook.jpg

Chicago Public Library West Town Branch

Address: 1625 W. Chicago Ave.


Special Event: West Town Art Walk Paper Crafts on the Go Saturday, September 25 from 12-4:30pm

Stop by the West Town Library to pick up a paper craft kit to go with everything you need to create your own Frida Kahlo paper craft, blackout poetry creation, or DIY colorful notebook creation. These kits include the supplies needed to complete these projects and instructions. To pick up any of these kits, visit the West Town Library on Saturday, September 25 from 12:00p.m. - 4:30p.m. Kits will be available until supplies last.


Chicago Truborn - 110610699_hiser.png

Chicago Truborn 🦴

Address: 1741 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Group Show, Paintings


Artwork Description: Celebrate the final days of Chicago Truborn's 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY show!! In honoring "SkEight" years as "Chicagos Best Gallery" the theme of this group show comes in the form of pieces on skate decks. Chicago Artist, Jenny Hiser will be unveiling 25 original paintings on skate decks and will also be launching her brand of functional skate boards + grip tape. In addition to Jenny, 10 special artists who are tied to Chicago Truborn's history were asked to participate as well. That makes for a total of 35 decks and guess what? 3+5=8!

Special Event: Art Walk After Party on Friday, Sept. 24th from 8-10pm 


David Salkin Creative 110610699_Gent2021_001.jpeg

David Salkin Creative

Address: 1709 W Chicago Ave, #2A


Featured Artist: Aron Gent, Paintings

Artwork Description: 'Ice Dye Tie Die' - Recent works of Ink on Paper from Artist Aron Gent


Document - 110610699_ClaudeViallat1990_1331990Acryliconfabric.jpg


Address: 1709 W Chicago Ave, #2C


Featured Artist: Claude Viallat, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: DOCUMENT is eager to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Claude Viallat (born 1936 in France). Claude Viallat studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier from 1955 to 1959, then at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1962-63, in Raymond Legueult's workshop. In 1966, he adopts a process based on fingerprints, which shall enter into a critical radical of the lyrical abstraction and geometric (in technique called All-over). A neutral form is repeated on a free canvas without frame determining the composition of the work. In 1970, he was a founding member of Supports / Surfaces.


Dovetail - 110610699_curtisjerec.jerememphisstylepostmodernsculpture19887.jpg

Dovetail 🦴

Address: 1452 W Chicago Ave

Artwork Description: From fine art to fun art, Dovetail will be offering a mix of vintage art and sculpture.

Special Event: Mystery balloon pop discount sale and Art Walk After Party on Friday, Sept. 24th from 8-10pm 


Esperanza _WT Art Walk 3.png

Esperanza Community Services 🦴

Address: 1819 W Chicago Ave (hosted at West Town Chamber office)

Featured Artist: Group Exhibition Paintings

Artwork Description: The arts are woven into all aspects of our adult day program at Esperanza Community Services. Activities like painting, drawing, music, theater, and dance allow participants an opportunity to apply skills and engage their senses. In addition, these activities provide an opportunity for exploration, self-expression, and decision-making. Esperanza provides services to adults with disabilities and proceeds directly benefit our programs.


F22 - 110610699_sidetracked_2021_noborder.jpg

F22 Fine Art Prints 🦴

Address: 1821 W Chicago Ave (West Town Pop Up Project)

Featured Artist: Barbara Strigel and Various Artists, Photography

Artwork Description: Sidetracked, 2021 is from my We were neither Here nor There series and was created by layering scanned paper scraps and brushstrokes over street photographs of figures who were walking below a bridge. I like the way snow allows footprints and tire tracks to preserve movement and the tentative feeling it gives to a familiar space.


Filter Photo - 110610699_9e7d6e_1a0208b20e4047c09cf0c4768c66ca92mv2.jpg

Filter Photo

Address: 1821 W Hubbard, #207 (1821 Hubbard St. Lofts)

Featured Artist: Group Exhibition, Photography

Artwork Description: As a group exhibition, Collaborating with the Archive is an opportunity to explore the ongoing archive research, creation, and mapping that has become an important part of contemporary art practices. Juror, Mary Statzer, will consider all photography-based work created by artists working with or from archives or archival material.


Funkenhausen - 110610699_ScreenShot20210730at7.19.08AM.png

Funkenhausen 🦴

Address: 1709 W Chicago Ave

Special Art Walk Promotion: Special Happy Hour Menu


Gallery 2052 - 110610699_PeterAntorPyramidRing.JPG

Gallery 2052

Address: 2052 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Group Exhibition, Jewelry

Artwork Description: Contemporary Studio Jewelry Artist Trunk Shows


Great Central Brewing - 110610699_IMG2863.jpg

Great Central Brewing Company

Address: 221 N Wood St

Featured Artist: Brooke Duncan, Paintings

Artwork Description: Visual art. Abstract mixed media paintings; working with acrylic, pastel and canvas.

Special Art Walk Promotion: 20% off Draft beer

Please note that Great Central will be closing to the public starting at 6:00pm on Saturday, Sept. 25th.


Latitude - 110610699_Nicole_Mauser.jpg


Address: 1821 W Hubbard St, #207 (1821 W Hubbard Lofts)

Featured Artist: Nicole Mauser, Photography

Artwork Description: Our new August 2021 Artist in Residence @_liquid_nails_ is here! During her time at LATITUDE she hopes to continue to collide her painting process, that focuses on color as light, with digital methods to make collages. Nicole and the LATITUDE staff did some fun tests to try to recreate a pink that is typically outside of a printing gamut.


Living Room Realty - off road EG (1).jpg

LivingRoom Realty

Address: 1530 W Superior St

Featured Artist: Rebekka Federale-McCabe and Esther Garcia, Paintings

Artwork Description: LivingRoom Realty is excited to host the new exhibition "Quiet Under The Leaves".

Rebekka Federle has been making dreamy, hyper-detailed collages since 2008. She creates taut narratives from her enormous collection of antique prints, giving the disparate illustrations of now-anonymous draftspeople a second life.


Esther Garcia, typically known for her sumptuous tattooing, has created a series of reliquaries from a collection of victorian photo albums, imbuing each with a small tragedy that rewards the viewers that look twice.


Special Event: TBA


Mohop - 110610699_0EmeraldToteFlowers.JPG

Mohop 🦴

Address: 1659 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Justin Walker and Annie Mohaupt, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: We design and craft personal accessories including footwear, handbags and jewelry using a combination of artisanal techniques and tech-enabled processes. We anticipate that by September, we'll have expanded our collection to include fun home décor items such as sculpted charcuterie trays from local woods and 3D printed planters, printed on premises. Our "FabLab" boutique is dedicated to showcase local design and future-oriented fabrication techniques in a really fun and interactive format, with an eye toward reshoring sustainable and ethical production.


Monique Meloche Gallery.jpeg

Monique Meloche Gallery

Address: 451 N Paulina Street

Featured Artist: David Shrobe and Destiny Belgrave, Paintings

Artwork Description: David Shrobe: New York based David Shrobe creates multi-layered portraits and assemblage paintings made in part from everyday materials that he finds in multiple geographies, and especially from around his familial home. 

Destiny Belgrave (b. 1996, she/her) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and nurtured, with a Bajan and African American upbringing. Both cultures reside soundly within her, giving her a place to rest within the house of Blackness. Belgrave's work has taken trips to a few states and out of the country. Her work gets to be seen by many eyes and felt by many hearts. She is a mixed media whirlwind, almost always using papercuts as her primary medium.​​​​​​​


Neighborly - 110610699_enhancedmattepaperposter_in_16x205fff81a526054_1024x10242x.jpeg

Neighborly 🦴

Address: 1909 W Division St


Featured Artist: Ponnopozz, Prints and Original Paintings

Artwork Description: Ponnopozz is the studio of Chicago-based artist Adrianne Hawthorne. Adrianne comes from a graphic design background but prefers the act of making art with her own hands. She initially felt uneasy putting so much of herself out into the world, but has since felt a satisfaction that she never found in corporate America. Ponnopozz is named after two imaginary friends, Ponno and Pozzer, that the artist had as a child. The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity of childhood that she continues to nurture through the act of painting and drawing.


One Strange Bird - 110610699_IMG_2364.JPG

One Strange Bird 🦴

Address: 2124 W Division St

Featured Artist: Emily Gloekler, Mixed Media

Special Art Walk Promotion: We will be providing mini art mix media classes for kids.


Patron - 110610699_MelanieSchiff.jpeg

PATRON Gallery

Address: 1652 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Carmen Winant and Melanie Schiff (two solo exhibitions), Photography

Artwork Description: Carmen Winant is a writer and visual artist who explores representations of women through collage, mixed media and installation.

Melanie Schiff is an American photographer. Schiff was included in the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Her work is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. She was an Artadia Awardee in 2006.


Seek - 110610699_flowerwindow.jpg

Seek Vintage 🦴

Address: 1433 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Marisa Klug Morataya and Nanette Rae Freeman, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: Photography and mixed media

Special Event: 15%-30% off entire purchase. Art Walk After Party on Friday, Sept. 24th from 7pm to Midnight.


Spoke Apts - 110610699_0001.jpg

Spoke Apartments

Address: 728 N Morgan St

Featured Artists : Susan Giles, Ashley Ryann, Jason Pickleman, Alexander Valentine, Deb Sokolow, Jose Lerma, Matthew Hoffman

Artwork Description: Paintings and one wall sculpture

Special Event: Walk through the lobby of our beautiful building with artwork curated from artists across Chicago. Saturday, September 25th from 11:00pm-4:00pm.


Spudnik Press - Waterbodies_EXH_2021-16[1].jpg

Spudnik Press Cooperative

Address: 1821 W Hubbard St, #302 (1821 Hubbard Lofts)

Featured Artist: Amanda Lilleston & Lisa Matthias, Printmaking

Artwork Description: WaterBodies features immersive relief prints by Amanda Lilleston and Lisa Matthias. By bringing together prints by these two artists, WaterBodies invites viewers to consider the relationships within and between humans and the natural world. With a focus on biological forms, these larger-than-life prints embrace a sense of wonder and appreciation for anatomy and ecology. They urge us to seek out unity and harmony with the biological environment that we are unmistakably a part of.


Squasht - 110610699_IMG_0444.jpg

Squasht Boutique 🦴

Address: 2556 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Melissa Monroe, Ceramics

Artwork Description: Working in clay appeals to Melissa Monroe since she can mold it, fire it, and turn it into something that is permanent.

Melissa enjoys expressing her personality through unique decor pieces and accessories. From vases of women with full and wild hair to wall flower decor, her ceramic creations evoke the thoughts and interior spirit of women and the realm of the natural world that inspires her. Beautiful and utilitarian dinnerware like plates, cups and dishes also comprise a portion of her body of work.

Special Event: Artist Reception and Happy Hour with Melissa Monroe on Friday, September 24th from 5-8pm.


Standing Passengers - 110610699_image.png

standing passengers

Address: 1458 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artists: Purekreation, Paintings

Artwork Description: Abstract interpretations painted reverse on glass and other abstract paintings/drawings


The dandy crown fence mural.jpg

The Dandy Crown 🦴

Address: 694 N Milwauke

Featured Artist: Cyd Smillie, Murals

Artwork Description: Fence with vignette murals by @CydSmillie

Special Art Walk Promotion: Signature Drink/Cocktail


The Digs Chicago - 110610699_fawnpenncup.png

The Digs Chicago 🦴

Address: 2556 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: The Digs Chicago Members, Ceramics

Artwork Description: The members of the Digs Chicago are multidisciplinary while centered in ceramics. Our participating members will have their personal studios open where they will showcase their, works in progress, finished pieces, and general practice.

Special Event: Live Performances by
Kabir Dalawari Jazz Quintet, on Saturday, September 25th. Doors at 7pm, Show 7:30pm, tickets for $10.


Kabir Dalawari is an active performer, composer and educator in the Chicago area. He has developed a versatile approach to the drumset through studying privately and playing with the finest musicians in Chicago's jazz scene. His debut album “Awareness” will be releasing late 2021.


The Martin - 110610699_LOCUSVII.png

The Martin

Address: 2500 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artists: Multiple artists - group showcase titled LOCUS: VIII

Artwork Description: LOCUS is a quarterly gallery show that combines visual and literary artists in an anonymous pairing creative conversation. LOCUS: VIII will be the eighth iteration of this gallery show- highlighting local artists and their work over a two month span of time without knowing who their anonymous partner is. The exhibition will display visual works with literary accompaniment and will range in medium and scope. 

Special Event: No Fear Art Collection, Saturday, September 25th at 12:30pm & 3:30pm (30m workshop). Click here for details.

Special Art Walk Promotion: Signature Drink - The Stay Out of the Forest cocktail is a delicious, piney cocktail designed in honor of MFM fans!


Urban Source - 110610699_PeterGaona.png

Urban Source 🦴

Address: 1429 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Peter Gaona, Accessories

Artwork Description: Reformed School creates wearable art using recycled/repurposed materials. Using fashion as an educational tool.


Special Event: TBA


Van & Bella's - 110610699_PhotoBoothChocolateDoodle.jpg

Van & Bella's, Pet Photography Studio 🦴

Address: 1112 N Ashland Ave

Featured Artist: Marty Aspera, Photography

Artwork Description: Large pet wall portraits.


Vicky Tesmer - 110645496_4F41CB42FE614527B6CCC9C2D5F1AA44.jpeg

Vicky Tesmer Studios

Address: 1837 W Grand Ave

Featured Artist: Vicky Tesmer, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: Paintings and drawings and large scale murals


Special Event: Studio Opening Reception/Afterparty, Friday, September 24th from 8-10pm. Visit Vicky Tesmer studios and light bites.  Meet local artists from the Albany/Carroll art building along with Bucktown artists who exhibit internationally. 



Western Exhibitions - 110610699_studio2.jpg

Western Exhibitions

Address: 1709 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artists: Dutes Miller &

Lauren Wy, Mixed Media

Artwork Description: 

Dutes Miller takes full advantage of his fourth solo exhibition at Western Exhibitions to celebrate queer-sex positivity as a form of resistance to the dominant culture. In a large body of new sculpture, collage, painting and drawing, the artist depicts his vision of a queer cultural revolution still evolving—free from taboo, stigma and repression, and bursting with sexual connection and body adoration. Miller depicts the gay male nude as a medley of arousal zones, in freeform shapes and wild paint globs of desire.

Western Exhibitions is thrilled to present a solo show by Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Wy in which she will debut Volume 1 of AUTODESIRE, a graphic novel machine made of process-based drawings —a body without organs­— assembled through capacious rhythms.




Hustla Boutique

Info Coming Soon...

The Stoop - 110610699_IMG_A1A141EC89901.jpeg

The Stoop 🦴

Address: 2135 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Erin Burke, Paintings 

Artwork Description: Large and small scale


Tony Diaz - 110610699_25E658B3C89A40F98C9206E10E72B3CD.jpeg

Tony Diaz Photography

Address: 2130 W Chicago Ave


Featured Artist: Tony Diaz, Photography & Paintings

Artwork Description: Fine Art Photography & Documentary Photography


UIMA - 110610699_17983651814_7388206fd2_o.jpg

Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

Address: 2320 W Chicago Ave

Featured Artist: Various Artists


Artwork DescriptionModern Art Museum 

Special Event: UIMA Art Walk Party, Saturday, September 25th from 5-8pm.

Live performances by Forest Management (@forestmanagement) and Purelink (@concave_reflection



Where does the Art Walk start?

West Town Art Walk maps are available at any participating business. There are two headquarter locations (West Town Chamber of Commerce at 1819 W Chicago Ave or 1821 W Hubbard St lofts) with maps and information. Patrons can choose their route and start their Art Walk anywhere.

Is there parking?

There is no street closure for West Town Art Walk and plenty of street parking. There are no designated parking areas.

Is there a cost for attendance or suggested donation?

No. Attendance is free. We do ask for a $10 donation at headquarters to help support the West Town Chamber of Commerce.


Can I bring my dog?

Certain businesses are dog friendly! Some businesses are not.

Once participants are announced there will be indicators on the Art Walk Map as to where you can and cannot take your dog.

More questions? Please contact the West Town Chamber of Commerce. 312-850-9390 info@westtownchamber.org.

2018 Video

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West Town Art Walk is organized by the West Town Chamber of Commerce.





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