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Tenant Application

The West Town Chamber of Commerce accepts tenant applications for the Pop Up Project storefront space on an ongoing basis.

Types of Pop-Ups Allowed:


Pop-Up Retail User License (formerly known as “Itinerant Merchant” License)

  • Types of businesses: retail merchandise, including but not limited to, clothing, accessories, galleries, gifts, seasonal stores, estate sales, craft markets

  • No alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis sales


Pop-Up Food Establishment User – Tier 1 City License

  • Must hold City of Chicago Pop-Up Tier 1 Food License: may sell or offer nonperishable food and drink that is commercially prepackaged in a properly licensed establishment. No on-site food preparation allowed.

  • Types of businesses: pre-packaged shelf-stable food and drink items.

  • No alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis sales

The West Town Chamber of Commerce will provide the paperwork and assist approved tenants to submit and receive the required City of Chicago Pop Up Retail or Tier 1 Food License.

  • City of Chicago License Fees will be paid by tenant to City of Chicago:

    • 5-day license | $25.00

    • 30-day license | $50.00

    • 90-day license | $75.00

    • 180-day license | $100.00


Please use the Online Pop Up Tenant Application OR download the PDF application linked below and follow the instructions to apply to become a Pop Up Project tenant. For detailed instructions, answers to FAQs, and more information click here. Please email supplemental materials to

Terms & Lease Overview


Lease Timeline

  • 30 - 90 DAYS. Leases will be contracted for 30 to 90 days at a time.

  • Leases consisting of more or less than 30 or 90 days may be available upon request.



  • Level 1: $1,000 / month: Small business retailers, artisans, and nonprofits

  • Level 2: $3,000 / month: Large businesses and chains (businesses with more than one current location)

  • Level 3: $TBD / month: Corporations and Sponsors, please contact for more information.

  • The West Town Pop Up Project space is located within the West Fest Chicago festival site and within the boundaries of the West Town Art Walk. Special corporate sponsorship and short term event pop up packages can be arranged.


Financial and Insurance Requirements

  • At Lease signing:

    • 1st month’s rent

    • Security deposit (1 month rent)

    • Damage Deposit ($800)

    • Insurance required: General Coverage up to 1 million, (West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce 1819 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago IL 60622) must be listed as additionally insured.

For more details on the Pop Up Project, including additional requirements and terms, please click here for the FAQ Information.

The links below are the lease and contract sample templates and are strictly for reference and review and not for use. The actual final tenant's customized lease, lease riders, and required contracts based on those templates will be forwarded for review and signatures upon application acceptance.


Corporate Sponsors leasing the West Town Pop Up Project space during West Fest Chicago or West Town Art Walk will also have access to additional event sponsorship benefits and customized contracts. Please contact for more information or with any questions.

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